Fight or Get Out, Save Our Troops

October 28, 2009

For some time I have been a staunch supporter of our efforts in Afghanistan while we were under imminent threats from terrorist attacks from groups that reside within it!

After having read the release of the Commanding Officer’s report on the request for additional troops and made up my mind firmly that we need to bring the troops home and stop the madness!

My point is simple and easy to understand! If there was a clear and present danger that existed in Afghanistan then I would in favor of it! However, with the current “Rules of Engagement” have changed in ways that put our troops lives at risk with no specific agenda from a strategic standpoint then why must we continue to allow the bloodshed of our troops! It is like sending them in knowing that they will be needlessly murdered at the hands of those who have
ade it known that they no longer desire our presence there! The commander’s request for additional troops will cover a period of another decade and are you as American’s prepared to watch this continue! If we need to send additional forces in to assist in protecting our current ground forces that is fine, however, get them out and let them fight or we are going to experience another Vietnam!

I had the opportunity to visit with a returning Marine at great length and he agreed to share his thoughts with me! What this young man shared with me was absolutely un-nerving and provided me with a much clearer perspective on this waste of time in Afghanistan!

He indicated to me that he and many of the troops that are still in Afghanistan can’t provide a clear thought nor sense of purpose to maintain forces there any longer! It is not like we are on a mission to take Bin Laden out or storm the region with the same ferocity that was experienced in Iraq!

We are killing our troops needlessly and for no justifiable reason! He further went on to remark about a statement that Condeleeza Rice had made about if we wanted another 911 then abandon Afganista ! Both myself and this young
an felt that we could better protect our Country from the soil of the United States and probably would be better off to do so!

Also, let’s not forget what this continuance is costing in American lives but the economical one that is there as well! Just to supply the ground forces for the Marines is costing 320,000,000 million per day! How much longer can our Country continue this? There is not a nation that exist who can financially sustain that sort of debt! I realize what the debt clause provides for in regards to war, however, this has not been a declared war and if it was then Congress would have the power to stop it and bring our troops home!

Tell us your thoughts on this! We would love to bear from each of you!

America, Under Attack From Within

October 26, 2009

After spending a great deal of time reading articles, investigating the validity and credability of the content of them I have come to a conclusion that America is one step closer to being no more! What we are witnessing as we speak is nothing short of a soft tyranny taking place right from within the Administration the currently holds the office of President! An interesting article I read is suggesting that most U.S. Marines coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq are being placed into jobs as local police officers!

So you are asking yourself what is wrong with that? Simple, they are already hardened to the brutalities of war so when asked to take a military action against people it will not be any big deal! Now for those of you who say that our military can’t be used against American’s….let me give you a brutal wake up call! That was revoked in the past two Adminstrations and has not since been changed! Are any of you aware that when a “National Emergency” is declared that the President can envoke executive powers to have control over everything up to and including making it where he could remain President forever!

Martial law is just a step away and the only reason you are not seeing any coverage from the media is to prevent a national breakdown of basic human needs and services!

Preparation is the key and extensive research into things that can and will protect you and your family! I would link to many of them in this post for you, however, I am on the road and using my iPhone to publish this! People just the other day I seen 50 motorcycles all with UN Police upon them near Memphis, TN! I have seen more and more movement of specialized military equipment being deployed and not going onto rail!

I am going to be traveling from the D.C. are to Iowa and if anyone has the location of Camp Fema if I am close enough I will stop and ask questions and try to acquire pictures! Things are moving into place for the final preparation for what is sure to become America’s darkest hour!

As always be kind a d leave your thought to this here on this post please!

Less Taxes= More Revenue= Common Sense

October 24, 2009

Well let’s talk about how to reduce the Federal Deficit and get the American people spending money and reinvesting in America! The Feds and our current Administration seem to be suffering from economic common sense or should I say the lacking thereof! You sometimes we must stop and take a closer look at past models od economic growth and learn from what seemed to work the best! Let’s remember the Reagan years! Reagan had the knowledge and desire to allow the American people to have more of their money and to grow the economy! How did he do it? Simple he reduced peoples tax rates and the economy flourished!

What I struggle with besides their whole socialistic agenda is their overwhelming lack of common sense! I guess they have not heard the old saying of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. They allowed the Bush tax reduction to expire, yet they are not going to call it a tax increase! Can we see some issues here! Just because you didn’t actually raise the tax but allowed a tax break to expire certainly indicates a tax increase to me! So you are asking what am I driving at and how do I propose to achieve this? It is so simple even a fifth grader would be able to work this problem out! First, how about allowing our oil companies to drill for oil? Exxon alone last year paid more in taxes than over half of the middle income tax paying citizens! Can you imagine how much more tax revenue would be collected if we allowed them to start tapping into Anoir or processing the oil rich shell say in Colorado! Not only would this generate billions of dollars in tax revenue but it would, also, create jobs thus generating even more tax revenue without having to raise the first person or companies taxes!

Now I am fully aware that my suggested plan will make the liberal tree hugging party go up in smoke but going green has not produced any jobs other than the ones Al Gore and his loonballs are holding! Hasn’t the rest of the world heard????? There is no global warming crisis! It is all a scam to get people where our current Administration wants them to justify their proposed “Cap & Trade” or as I prefer to refer to it “Cap & Destroy”!

I have always been in favor of abolishing the IRS and instituting a flat tax all over! One tax not 20, I mean take a look at any of your bills and they all have a federal tax included somewhere! Since when did utility companies, wireless carriers, cable companies and so on and so forth become tax collectors for the Federal Government and who gave them that power?

Let’s just use 5% as an example! Imagine only paying a 5% tax on any good(s) or service provided, can you see how much more money would go back into your pocket thus enhancing your spending and when you spend more creates more revenue! Not only would it generate more tax revenue, it would significantly enhance our weak job market
thus creating more jobs and of course the multiplying factor would take affect! I think it is a no brained and fairly simple, so why is what is supposed to be the most educated man with his Ivy League Education not able to fiugure out! That is a fairly simple question to answer and that is because it takes away from people to be dependant upon the Federal Government and thus minimizing their control over the people! Next election ask you candidates where they stand on taxes or even abolishing the IRS and creating a flat tax! I think you will be amazed and more than likely will only find this in a true Reagan Conservative, thus making your electoral process easier!

Tell us what you think!

Alarming News, America Under Attack

October 23, 2009

Tattered-flagAs we continue our reports and investigations into the terror that is coming to America, we want to urge each and every one of you to take heed into the information that we are going to be providing to you!

America is under attack!  You may say that you have heard no sirens, no warnings on the news and all is clear.  However, as I sit here writing this post FEMA along with government officials are preparing a civilian unit that will be utilized to control you and your family!  If you do not submit to them… is simple… will be killed.  What side will you stand upon?  Camp Fema is a wonderful site to visit where you can learn exactly where our country is heading and how soon you can expect to see these things come to pass!  As I have stated before, I know that some of the information that is being revealed to you is somewhat alarming and quite shocking to both read and write.  However, we must present this in order to make the intentions of the Federal Government clear and to provide American’s everywhere with credible and useful information they can obtain to learn how they can protect themselves from being overtaken by our current Administration and their socialist agenda.

martial lawIs this an image you think is overbearing?  The very sad part of it is this is exactly what we are all going to be faced with!  We must prepare to organize units around America who are willing to take a stand against this socialist regime and to protect and defend America!

People our current military in their oath has specific orders that they are not to turn their weapons upon American’s on their own soil in order to protect and defend it.  So what that means is that our government must develop and deploy their own militia in order to take control over the people.  That is where these FEMA training camps come into play!

Who would have ever thought that the government would go so far to brainwash our youth in order to accomplish this.  However, if you go back in history and study what it was that Hitler done….you will see the same repeated pattern.  Just take a look at how Obama and his cronies are starting with the youngest of the youth in chanting how Obama is number one and the way they are being taught to salute.  Does of any of that look familiar to you?  It should!  America is being turned into the fourth Reich.  Some have asked why this is happening.  It is very simple, the American core value structure has been slowing taken away from us one step at a time.  Many well noted authors have made it clear and history is an indicator that it does repeat itself.

Why is this being allowed to happen in America?  Quite possibly because we have always been the world leader in many arenas.  I would like to interject my own personal opinion on this.  When we allowed prayer to be taken out of our public schools, legalized abortions and now passing laws to grant same-sex marriage don’t you see what is happening here?  This is America’s wake up call to take our country back to the founding fathers roots and what they intended it to be and it certainly was not anything that we live within in today’s times.

The video I am going to post below may seem futuristic and I know there will be some who will say that it won’t happen like that, however, I plead with you to rethink your opinion.  This is exactly what is coming and it is coming alarmingly fast!

Homeland Security

October 23, 2009

While reviewing some critical information this morning I was truly awakened to some of the fears that more than alarming!  As someone who has served my country in its defense to protect and provide freedom I am now being awakened to what our current Administration is up to!  Many years ago while writing my political rants on other blogging sites I use to try to warn people of the looming dangers that lay ahead for this great nation.  Of course I was greeted by what could be defined as nothing more than mockery and an attempt to discredit me and my writings.

After having taken the time to watch a very chilling video that is located on YouTube it came to me like a revelation that my previous thoughts were right on and that America is in grave danger!  I want to encourage each of you to watch the video below and tell me your thoughts.

Many of us have know for some time that the very likes of the above video you just watched are being put together at this very moment even as you read this!  People as I wrote in a previous post it is time for everyone to begin to make preparations for their family and to develop new ways to be able to communicate amongst those who are going to take a stand against the action that the government is implementing.

Quite possibly this will even go to substantiate the White House attack onto Fox News and those who choose to associate themselves with them or any affiliation with them.  The current Administration is taking mass attempts to stifle those who are making this information known the general public and goes along with a previous writing of mine regarding what the FCC is attempting to do in regards to control of the Internet.

Little by little the government is looking for ways to silence anyone who has knowledge of this and put gag orders onto them.  Look at what happened in the past to a large insurance group who told elderly American citizens that the implementation of Universal Health Care would be a significant loss to their insurance coverage.  They immediately put into effect a gag order causing them to halt their current press releases or face severe consequences.  This is just a beginning of things you are going to see as the time comes closer to the government instilling Martial Law onto the citizens of The United States.

femamapsWhat you see on the left is a map of the U.S. and location of all FEMA camps that are located within.  You may be asking yourself why this is so important.  I will be glad to give you a full explanation of that.  If you recall in an earlier post I had indicated about a location I had found that has tens of thousands of what items located on its property that could be used as make shift caskets.  I will put the video down below for you to view and make up your own mind!  Based on my own questioning when I seen it, I was told the same thing the gentleman in the video was.  This is very alarming!  People we need to start banding together.  I located a very unique site that some of you may be interested in checking into.  The name of the site is Restore The Republic and I encourage each of you to check them out and see what part you can take in helping to defend our country.

Time is of the essence and we do not have much of it left before we start to see the things emerge that I have shared within these videos.  I know they are alarming and can be somewhat shocking, however, even as it is written in The Bible about God’s people dying for a lack of knowledge… shall it be for American’s who do not take heed to this WARNING.  God bless each and every one of you!

Another Hidden Secret

October 22, 2009

I had heard several days ago about someone who had been accused of spying and sharing secret’s involving NASA.  I now wonder if the secret they were talking about was possibly the X-37B unmanned space plane!  You would certainly think that a plane such as this would make major news around the United States and the rest of the world!  However, they were able to mums the word until recently!

X-37B Unmanned Space PlaneSimply amazing what your Government can keep from you until they feel the time is right!  After listening to Obama himself indicate that there was a limited budget for NASA you would certainly think that this recent release would not be a remote possibility.

There are some very interesting questions that I have for the recent release and that is exactly what are they intending to use if for!  Based on information released on Fox News and NASA the new craft could possibly be used for deployment of test equipment and satellites.  NASA has indicated that it has had a long history with this particular craft!  I have to wonder exactly how many people really new about this new venture from them?

With recent developments in our Government and the potential passing of the Global Warming Treaty really has me wondering if they are not planning to utilize this craft to launch new communication equipment which could potentially be used as a tracking device.  You may be asking where am I going with this!  It is simple.  If a one world government is implemented and tracking devices are installed into human beings, what a better way to set up the necessary equipment to put it all into action.  I realize that some may say that seems a bit far-fetched, however, stop and think about the possibilities that exist and with current events is it really that far off?

Although I am quite interested in the photo’s of the unit itself I have to admit that I am beside myself in anger to know that our Government can keep something this large from the American populous.  What else is our Government hiding from us!  I guess we will have to sit back and wait for the next surprise.

Any more there is nothing that I can say that truly surprises me from this Administration.  It is going to get very interesting in the next several months and we as a Nation and a people  that have so much to lose.  The time is now and be alert for things that seem out of the ordinary!  However, I have to caution each of you that with the ability of this Administration to keep things hidden or try to make them appear as something else what bothers me is what they can produce and slide into our world and lives without any of us knowing?

You can rest assured of one thing we will certainly stay on top of it!  What is your thought on this?  We would certainly love to hear from each of you!

A Gutless Wonder

October 22, 2009

How ironic is it that our Dear Leader Chairman Maobama is on this insatiable attack against media entities that can and have sounded off about his socialist agenda for what it is!

I listened to one of the finest conservative talk show host all but beg Obama to appear o his show but sadly enough our week kneed yellow belly President doesn’t have the testicular fortitude that is required to present his case! Oh he had no problem appearing on every network that supports him several Sunday’s ago with the exception of Fox News or Sean Hannity’s show! How sad is that?

Mark Levin offered Obama three hours of his show and couldn’t even draw a response from him! He can sit and accuse various entities of so-called verbal bashing! What the real issue at hand is he can’t win a fight! His sorry Chicago thug style politics and socialist regime can’t stand the heat! As the old saying goes if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

You know as I travel around the country I am utterly amazed at just how many people do not have a God-given clue what is happening or fixing to happen and act as though this is all a hoax with no real credibility behind it! I feel sorry for their families and hope that the reality of this sends them a wake up call before it is too late!

I can’t begin to think how a Vietnam Vet or a Vet from any other campaign is feeling right now! Talk about the ultimate form of betrayal and it is coming straight down the toilet pipes from the White House! To think of the thousands of individuals who fought and died for our liberties and freedoms will be haunted by an Administration that was pulled straight from the very depths of Hell!

Such a shame to have to watch our once great Nation dwindle away to what it is becoming an at a rate that almost seems blinding!

Tell me you thoughts and opinions!

Invasion From Within

October 21, 2009

I guess my last post was not able to clear the wonderful trees of The Great Smoky Mountains, so I will attempt this once again!

For years many of us have heard ministers tell stories of the “End Times” and what could be expected! Although, I have a strong belief I Jesus I was almost certain that the forthcoming events would not take place until my layer years! I know by reading the vast amount of posts and various talk shows that there are those who fear that we will experience the UN sending in troops to help keep peace once NWO is institutionalized in America! The sad part is that the very people we need protection from are in D.C.!

I, personally, consider is a slap in the face to think I any many other great American’s wore a uniform to help prevent the very thing Obama and his Communist cronies are ushering in with the passing of each and every day! Dear Leader Chairman Maobama is set to sign the “Global Warming Treaty” that will be the opening door for New World Order to be established! For years I have listened to some of the greatest teachers of Prophecy from the Bible and now they indicate that there are only four items remaining left to usher in the introduction of the anti Christ!

If Dear Leader signs the treaty The United States will cease to exist and then we will be left to a new global leader to determine our fate! Many of us have only heard stories of this sort of mass de-humanizing and that was during Mao Sung and Adolph Hitler! People I have seen prefabricated wooden caskets produced by the thousands at various locations around the Country.

I stopped at one of these locations to inquire about these and was told that they were given instructions from the Government to mass produce these at several locations around the Country!

If they can’t manage the postal service, social security, Medicaid and Medicare how do thy think they can afford to bury us! So what does that mean, well it means that there could potentially be large areas of dead bodies left to rot and be treated the way the Vietcong were during that campaign!

I know this sounds extremely scary, however, the facts are what they are and we are with the passing of each and every day approaching armegedon! I personally feel that there will be Christians left that will have to endure a portion of this until the complete rapture of the church! People I would start today to cleanse your life and start to make emergency preparations for your family in the event of a media’s blackout and we lose the ability to communicate with one another! I will be releasing some plans and ideas when I am home and have access to my laptop to better provide you with links to a variety of things that I feel will be helpful in each of your preparations!

A House Full Of Crybabies

October 20, 2009

As many of you know, the White House is attacking Fox News as not being credible in their reporting of News and especially attacking Hannity with both barrels!

Isn’t amazing how the current Administration attacks anyone or anything that exposes their marxists theories? Now there are reports that Dear Leader wants to offer the News Papers some of his popular stimulus money! It is only because this is an effort to control what goes into print. There is, also, a proposed effort for the FCC to make a proposition for the President to have control of it! They claim that this would be only in case of a National Emergency in case of a cyber attack, however, we all know where this is heading and that is to have full control of all the media outlets!

When will the madness stop and does anyone else besides me see the underlying set of plans that are being instituted?

This so-called Administration is making a mockery of both the people of the United States and The Constitution! Are there any Governor’s who are ready to invoke the 10th Amendment? If the treaty is signed in December I would encourage each of you to contact your Governor and ask this question!

Michelle Obama, No South Carolina Visit

October 20, 2009

I read that Michelle Obama declined a visit to her Alma Mater due to fears of potential attacks from white hoods! This is a perfect example of how the current Administration is laying down boundaries around our Country and causing e en further separation of the American people and playing the race card!

When will he liberal left media stop with the race baiting and grow up? It is a sad day when even the “African-American President” hasn’t figured out that racism does not exist in this Country and if it did does he think he would be residing at where he currently does?

I find it simply amazing that the only time the racial issue is even discussed is when they realize they have no valid talking points or that they have been defeated and that is the only item they have at their immediate disposal is the race card, which absolutely makes me sick!

To be racially correct and statistically speaking I believe it is the Caucasian people who are now the minority or do you libs not get out into your community much?

The absence of Michelle Obama is in fact sparked in part by earlier remarks by Congressman Joe Wilson with the very famous “You Lie” comment made speech given by Dear Leader during the joint House committee meeting and by remarks made by Jim DeMint of South Carolina and has since recanted and made correct!

Now the White House is on a vigilant attack of Fox News Saying that there news reports have no meaningful content and that they are not credible! It is my personal opinion that Fox News is the only ones that provide a balanced outlook into the news that affects the vast majority of American people and offers to take a look from both points of view!

The one thing that has become obvious by the White House and their Communist Press Core and that is they only attack those that are communicating the truth and pose a real threat of exposing them for what they really are and that is Communist Fascists!

The closer we move to a One World Order the more they puke this garbage out of their mouths and to public television and printed Communist Newspapers that support their fascists ideas!

Things are getting close to the end and we must stand fast in our efforts to protect ourselves and the ones we love! What once was thought to be a fairy tale from the Bible is quickly coming into prophetic trues! I know that I Personally started to warn people of this when Obama first came onto the campaign scene.

Pre election I was told that I did not know what I was talking about and now people are flocking with their remarks about they wished they had listened! People I am not looking for pats on the back nor fame but what I am looking for is People to wake up and smell the coffee and to take steps to put a halt to this madness!