Invasion From Within

I guess my last post was not able to clear the wonderful trees of The Great Smoky Mountains, so I will attempt this once again!

For years many of us have heard ministers tell stories of the “End Times” and what could be expected! Although, I have a strong belief I Jesus I was almost certain that the forthcoming events would not take place until my layer years! I know by reading the vast amount of posts and various talk shows that there are those who fear that we will experience the UN sending in troops to help keep peace once NWO is institutionalized in America! The sad part is that the very people we need protection from are in D.C.!

I, personally, consider is a slap in the face to think I any many other great American’s wore a uniform to help prevent the very thing Obama and his Communist cronies are ushering in with the passing of each and every day! Dear Leader Chairman Maobama is set to sign the “Global Warming Treaty” that will be the opening door for New World Order to be established! For years I have listened to some of the greatest teachers of Prophecy from the Bible and now they indicate that there are only four items remaining left to usher in the introduction of the anti Christ!

If Dear Leader signs the treaty The United States will cease to exist and then we will be left to a new global leader to determine our fate! Many of us have only heard stories of this sort of mass de-humanizing and that was during Mao Sung and Adolph Hitler! People I have seen prefabricated wooden caskets produced by the thousands at various locations around the Country.

I stopped at one of these locations to inquire about these and was told that they were given instructions from the Government to mass produce these at several locations around the Country!

If they can’t manage the postal service, social security, Medicaid and Medicare how do thy think they can afford to bury us! So what does that mean, well it means that there could potentially be large areas of dead bodies left to rot and be treated the way the Vietcong were during that campaign!

I know this sounds extremely scary, however, the facts are what they are and we are with the passing of each and every day approaching armegedon! I personally feel that there will be Christians left that will have to endure a portion of this until the complete rapture of the church! People I would start today to cleanse your life and start to make emergency preparations for your family in the event of a media’s blackout and we lose the ability to communicate with one another! I will be releasing some plans and ideas when I am home and have access to my laptop to better provide you with links to a variety of things that I feel will be helpful in each of your preparations!

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