The Spin Off Extended

November 18, 2009

As I sit here and put the power of my thought process together, I might as well start off with this entity has made it’s proclomation Sarah Palin for President in 2012! I am grateful for have having the opportunity of hearing many of the interviews that have been conducted with the former Governor of Alaska and reading a portion of her newly released book “Going Rogue” via a Kindle that a driver allowed me to view! I will say that I will be purchasing the book as it had me glued from what little I was ae to read!

Still even to this day Ms. Palin is being brutally attacked by the media and many in Government as a joke and not a serious contender for the Presidential race in 2012! Let me tell the likes of Chris (hussy fit) Matthews and the likes of his clan that the only reason they cannot envision this is because she is a woman with integrity and honor and displays great patriatism towards the people and fundamentals of what makes this Country the best!

I know there will be those who will say “Tony, you have taken yourself out on a limb with this one” and all I am going to say is that is my branch and one that is on a well rooted tree! If you have ever payed any attention to the media when they blitz a person as hard as they have Sarah Palin is only because they fear her and know she is a true leader and has a very real chance to pull this off! If that were not the case then they would not even give her the time of day! I am thoroughly convinced that had she been on the Presidential ticket first with someone under her with say possibly Mike Huckabee that we would surely not be in the position we are in now with watching our President selling out our Country and the very fiber of which made this Nation great one stitch and piece at a time! At least I would be proud to have her represent me and this great land and not go to bed at night wondering when I woke up if we would still be flying the American Flag!

The main reason that pig nosed debotched botox faced Pelosi has issues with Ms. Palin is because Sarah knows what it is like to use your hands for hard work, have a career, be a mother and most importantly has a love for her Country and the people within it! Oh now for the “Nay Sayers” before you dive off on the rant about her teen daughters pregnancy let me throw this in…. she certaiy handled it far better than I would have had it been my own daughter! Also, at least she decided to give birth to a Down Syndrome child and rear it and nurture it unlike many liberals would have and that would have been screaming abortion!

I have heard Ms. Palin provide more concrete answers in the past two days on very challenging questions and issues than the entire current Administration has since them invading D.C.

From the first time I ever heard Gov. Palin speak to the present point in time she has not changed her views on the economy, her proposed ideas, things that could be changed and many other items to the current time we are in now and she answered them with grace and knowledge of what she was talking about unlike the bafoon that holds the office of President now! I truly think that many people are intimidated by her resolve for this great land and the people within it! Since when did being attractive make you unfit to hold the Office of President? I mean the attacks just on her appearance have been relentless! This could quite possibly be due to the fact that she has not had to induldge in having corrective surgery to maintain herself….sorry Pelosi your fees you paid for your debotched surgery are non refundable! Before you begin to try and down play Sarah Palin as not being a credible contender in 2012 or just to answer questions you really want to know to include her stepping down as Governor of Alaska, I encourage you to buy the book and read it then come back and see if you still hold the same opinions! I think you, too, will be prepared to stand firm with me in extending a warm invitation for her to run and win in 2012!

This Is It, Michael Jackson Revisited

November 2, 2009

I am home for a brief moment and part of my relaxing time was spent going to see Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” movie.  Realizing that at my age I grew up listening to and admiring the awesome talents of an individual that I had spent nearly all my life listening to and watching the career of what would be labeled “The King of Pop”.

Many of us were able to see some of his most awesome performances from his days as being the lead singer with the “Jackson 5” to his coming into his own and with such great releases as Thriller, Beat It, Billy Jean, Heal The World and many more top hits that this very talented and unique individual would release over a 45 year time period.

Of course later in his career would be hampered by allegations of improper conduct with minor children!  We all can remember that trial and the outcome of it.  I want to interject this right from the beginning of this post, I never for one moment fell into the trap of believing that this talented individual was guilty of the accusations that had been placed onto him and after watching the movie that covers the preparation of what would have been his final World Tour it was confirmed to my inner person that I was right!

Although, there are many out there who were skeptical of and thought he was guilty merely based on the descriptions of what had transpired I would not allow myself to be pulled into that arena.  Let me bring this to light for you, we all know the accusations that were made…if they were true would you as a parent allow your child to make repeated trips to the accused home?  No!  There you have it from my own opinion.  That whole thing with the misguided allegations was nothing more than about money!  Now I know there will be some who will be saying then why did he settle out of court in a financial reward.  It is quite simple, why drag it through court and have it only result in him having to pay millions of dollars for something that never happened.  People knew that Michael was a generous person and had a career that was very much in the limelight for generations and what a better way for them to attempt to destroy him.

It is a crying shame that someone with the talents and heart of a giant had to be removed from us.  For those who fell into the trap to believe that Michael was some drug addicted junkie or a freak of nature please allow me to tell you that there is no 50-year-old man alive that I know who could perform the feats of incredible dance routines as I witnessed in this movie.  I personally believe that Michael became exactly what the media wanted him to become.  Michael led a reclusive life based on his years of growing up in an environment that was perplexed with his fathers push for him to become the best he could be but by threats and beatings.

So before you are quick to jump on me or anyone else who grew up enjoying the musical talent from Michael Jackson or his family, I encourage you to take time to go see the movie for yourself and you be the judge.  Believe me there is some music in this movie that I had not heard and was to be released on his latest CD that will bring you to tears if you have any sort of compassion left within your body!  Go see the movie and watch the video that is within it called “Earth” and really let the images and music move into your soul and you will see exactly what I am saying!  It moved me into tears and really started to make me search my inner person and do some strong evaluations of what not only I should change but each of us should change within our own lives and how we deal with each other.

We initially was set out to go and see another movie, however, for some pressing reason I felt compelled to see this one!  I am glad that I followed my gut instincts and would encourage any of you to take your family to see this film.  If you are looking for a movie that is high impact and free from the images you endure in most theatrical productions then you certainly will not be let down!

Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” will be purchased for my own personal collection when it is released to DVD and proudly watched over and over.  I more than likely will buy two of them so I can have one that I can keep in its original packaging and maintain as a collector item.  It is not often that we have the opportunity of sharing with one of the legends in music as that of Michael Jackson and his talents that all of us were fortunate to have been a part of.  So, before you begin to pass around all the goofy text messages that many of us have experienced containing information of things that were not true or fabricated from things from your own minds, please keep them to yourself!  Oh I realize there will be some who will criticize this post and my personal belief’s, however, I have to make a stand and say that I just don’t care!  I personally think that the primary reason so many have been critical of his career is out of their own jealousy!  Michael Jackson was by far one of the most talented individuals that I had experienced in my life and was certainly blessed.

Such a tragedy to have lost such a wonderful talent as Michael Jackson!  Michael may you forever smile and dance for The Lord now and share your wonderful talent and music with him!  I know the Angels are all enjoying “Moon Walking” with you!  You and your wonderful music will forever be remembered and enjoyed for years to come by millions around the world!  Just know that there were those who supported your career and know the truth!