A Time For Prayer

January 11, 2010

With us now officially in 2010, there has been a great deal of concerns and issues that all of us as American’s have been challenged with and facing.  From all time high unemployment rates, higher taxes, stiffening energy bills and a whole host of other issues that do not seem to be getting any smaller.  Many people around the country as well as popular blogging sites, facebook and other social networking sites all have come to realize one thing and that is our very liberties and freedoms are being diminished one a daily basis.

So, I suppose the larger question at hand is exactly what is in store for us during this coming year?  We can only sit back and let our imagination run wild.  However, with the way things are currently going what I use to think was futuristic is now in the here and now!  Is the beginning of the NWO era and the end to what most of us know as the United States?  Watching and listening to various News programming and talk radio shows I am convinced that a lot of the things we here of are nothing more than elaborate cover ups for the beginning of the transitional phase and handing over of the power to the World Leaders of the European Union.

Many of you have seen the movie 2012!  Recently I watched a movie called “The Core” and between the two of those plus the thoughts of having a one world government installed quite frankly scares the bejesus right out of me!  Although, I have not had the time to follow some of this Country’s more noteworthy evangelists, I have to wonder where they stand on some these issues and what direction their opinions are heading in!

As I sit and watch and listen to the dramatic changes that are coming all I can do is sit and focus my thoughts and actions to those that hopefully are pleasing to God!  That is my recommendation to everyone abroad and ask that everyone bring themselves and their families together and work to strive for a closer walk with God.  We all are going to need more of his intervention in the days to come.