She Didn’t Care

May 23, 2010

I am amazed at how people get married and then all of a sudden mysteriously fall out of love! Is it that they fell out of love with the person they married or did they loose focus on who they were as a person and the committment they made?

I could spend an eternity wriing on this as the person who is supposed to be my wife is simply more focused on herself and making only her happy! To be rigidly honest this sounds a bit selfish and if you lived my life you would agree! The only thing that ever seemed to matter to her was getting high with people who screwed her over on a couple different times!

Another thing that frosts my shorts is the fact that she allows someone to influence her decisions for her! Oh I could really rain on all their parades and reveal some secrets that I am sure nobody woul want to know about but rather than do that I will sit and watch them destroy each other slowly! Every party and song comes to an end and the music is about to stop playing really soon !