A World Of Uncertainy

October 20, 2009

Our world as we know it is forever changing! With the passing of every hour we as a nation are becoming ever closer to becoming a Socialist nation! What used to be things we merely offered up as warnings that we casually used at local Christian institutions as a method to warn people of looming possibilities!

Now rather than being warnings these very items are becoming realities one item at a time! I will be the first to admit that I used to say to myself that I knew these things were coming but at the same time I thought that it would be by far way later in my life before I began to see them actually come to pass! It is not that I am scared, however, the level of urgency to get people to wake up to what is coming in the very near future is becoming a top priority for me! People all you have to do is to look around you and see for yourself what I am saying is coming into perdition!

What bothers me is how much is it going to take to actually wake the American people up! People I can’t stress this enough, the time is now to get your life correct spiritually as well as those who are around you! We need to start to creating small pods of people sort of like small communities in essence where each is responsible to perform certain tasks! Also, we need to be looking into ways to be able to communicate as the Feds are looking into ways to cut our methods of effective communication such as the Internet and other items! My suggestion is that each of these pods that I suggested earlier have one or two people who are responsible for communications between the units! My chosen method is going to be via Ham Radio operations!

I encourage each of you to look into that! We are, also, going to need to develope our own infrastructure to support such things as food processing! I know there will be those out there who thinks this all sounds futuristic, however, these things I have been warning you about are coming to pass and we only have several months at best before we see some drastic changes globally! The time is now to act and start planning!

God, Please Intervene and Have Mercy

October 18, 2009

In the world we presently live in, we all should collectively unite as a Nation and a sovereign people and plead for God’s divine intervention!

There is so much at stake now and we are looking at forever loosing what once was the land of the free and the home of the brave! Has America lost her way along the journey? Is what our Country is experiencing a direct result of our indulgent lifestyles and selfishness? These are some hard hitting questions that we are going to be taking a closer look at in the days to come! America has a great deal at stake as do the people who live within her confined shores! What once used to be a place of refuge for people looking to escape from oppressed countries is now starting to take on the image of the very places that so many have fled from in years past!

Let me ask you this, is this truly the country you had envisioned for yourself, your children and grandchildren? What once a very strong and powerful nation is being slowly torn apart one sector at a time and by the very people whom were elected!

Our Government was established to serve in the best interest of the people it represents, however, with the passing of each day it is more about being self-serving of the officials who run it! Our Nation and the people who run it is spiraling out of control! America it is time to put a stop to the madness and take the appropriate steps needed to prevent our Country from becoming a socialist republic like that of those we have spent so many years trying to protect ourselves from! The time is NOW to make your voices heard! God be with us and spare us from the evil that is within from consuming what you intended it to be!