A House Full Of Crybabies

October 20, 2009

As many of you know, the White House is attacking Fox News as not being credible in their reporting of News and especially attacking Hannity with both barrels!

Isn’t amazing how the current Administration attacks anyone or anything that exposes their marxists theories? Now there are reports that Dear Leader wants to offer the News Papers some of his popular stimulus money! It is only because this is an effort to control what goes into print. There is, also, a proposed effort for the FCC to make a proposition for the President to have control of it! They claim that this would be only in case of a National Emergency in case of a cyber attack, however, we all know where this is heading and that is to have full control of all the media outlets!

When will the madness stop and does anyone else besides me see the underlying set of plans that are being instituted?

This so-called Administration is making a mockery of both the people of the United States and The Constitution! Are there any Governor’s who are ready to invoke the 10th Amendment? If the treaty is signed in December I would encourage each of you to contact your Governor and ask this question!

Michelle Obama, No South Carolina Visit

October 20, 2009

I read that Michelle Obama declined a visit to her Alma Mater due to fears of potential attacks from white hoods! This is a perfect example of how the current Administration is laying down boundaries around our Country and causing e en further separation of the American people and playing the race card!

When will he liberal left media stop with the race baiting and grow up? It is a sad day when even the “African-American President” hasn’t figured out that racism does not exist in this Country and if it did does he think he would be residing at where he currently does?

I find it simply amazing that the only time the racial issue is even discussed is when they realize they have no valid talking points or that they have been defeated and that is the only item they have at their immediate disposal is the race card, which absolutely makes me sick!

To be racially correct and statistically speaking I believe it is the Caucasian people who are now the minority or do you libs not get out into your community much?

The absence of Michelle Obama is in fact sparked in part by earlier remarks by Congressman Joe Wilson with the very famous “You Lie” comment made speech given by Dear Leader during the joint House committee meeting and by remarks made by Jim DeMint of South Carolina and has since recanted and made correct!

Now the White House is on a vigilant attack of Fox News Saying that there news reports have no meaningful content and that they are not credible! It is my personal opinion that Fox News is the only ones that provide a balanced outlook into the news that affects the vast majority of American people and offers to take a look from both points of view!

The one thing that has become obvious by the White House and their Communist Press Core and that is they only attack those that are communicating the truth and pose a real threat of exposing them for what they really are and that is Communist Fascists!

The closer we move to a One World Order the more they puke this garbage out of their mouths and to public television and printed Communist Newspapers that support their fascists ideas!

Things are getting close to the end and we must stand fast in our efforts to protect ourselves and the ones we love! What once was thought to be a fairy tale from the Bible is quickly coming into prophetic trues! I know that I Personally started to warn people of this when Obama first came onto the campaign scene.

Pre election I was told that I did not know what I was talking about and now people are flocking with their remarks about they wished they had listened! People I am not looking for pats on the back nor fame but what I am looking for is People to wake up and smell the coffee and to take steps to put a halt to this madness!