The Spin Off Extended

November 18, 2009

As I sit here and put the power of my thought process together, I might as well start off with this entity has made it’s proclomation Sarah Palin for President in 2012! I am grateful for have having the opportunity of hearing many of the interviews that have been conducted with the former Governor of Alaska and reading a portion of her newly released book “Going Rogue” via a Kindle that a driver allowed me to view! I will say that I will be purchasing the book as it had me glued from what little I was ae to read!

Still even to this day Ms. Palin is being brutally attacked by the media and many in Government as a joke and not a serious contender for the Presidential race in 2012! Let me tell the likes of Chris (hussy fit) Matthews and the likes of his clan that the only reason they cannot envision this is because she is a woman with integrity and honor and displays great patriatism towards the people and fundamentals of what makes this Country the best!

I know there will be those who will say “Tony, you have taken yourself out on a limb with this one” and all I am going to say is that is my branch and one that is on a well rooted tree! If you have ever payed any attention to the media when they blitz a person as hard as they have Sarah Palin is only because they fear her and know she is a true leader and has a very real chance to pull this off! If that were not the case then they would not even give her the time of day! I am thoroughly convinced that had she been on the Presidential ticket first with someone under her with say possibly Mike Huckabee that we would surely not be in the position we are in now with watching our President selling out our Country and the very fiber of which made this Nation great one stitch and piece at a time! At least I would be proud to have her represent me and this great land and not go to bed at night wondering when I woke up if we would still be flying the American Flag!

The main reason that pig nosed debotched botox faced Pelosi has issues with Ms. Palin is because Sarah knows what it is like to use your hands for hard work, have a career, be a mother and most importantly has a love for her Country and the people within it! Oh now for the “Nay Sayers” before you dive off on the rant about her teen daughters pregnancy let me throw this in…. she certaiy handled it far better than I would have had it been my own daughter! Also, at least she decided to give birth to a Down Syndrome child and rear it and nurture it unlike many liberals would have and that would have been screaming abortion!

I have heard Ms. Palin provide more concrete answers in the past two days on very challenging questions and issues than the entire current Administration has since them invading D.C.

From the first time I ever heard Gov. Palin speak to the present point in time she has not changed her views on the economy, her proposed ideas, things that could be changed and many other items to the current time we are in now and she answered them with grace and knowledge of what she was talking about unlike the bafoon that holds the office of President now! I truly think that many people are intimidated by her resolve for this great land and the people within it! Since when did being attractive make you unfit to hold the Office of President? I mean the attacks just on her appearance have been relentless! This could quite possibly be due to the fact that she has not had to induldge in having corrective surgery to maintain herself….sorry Pelosi your fees you paid for your debotched surgery are non refundable! Before you begin to try and down play Sarah Palin as not being a credible contender in 2012 or just to answer questions you really want to know to include her stepping down as Governor of Alaska, I encourage you to buy the book and read it then come back and see if you still hold the same opinions! I think you, too, will be prepared to stand firm with me in extending a warm invitation for her to run and win in 2012!

America, Under Attack From Within

October 26, 2009

After spending a great deal of time reading articles, investigating the validity and credability of the content of them I have come to a conclusion that America is one step closer to being no more! What we are witnessing as we speak is nothing short of a soft tyranny taking place right from within the Administration the currently holds the office of President! An interesting article I read is suggesting that most U.S. Marines coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq are being placed into jobs as local police officers!

So you are asking yourself what is wrong with that? Simple, they are already hardened to the brutalities of war so when asked to take a military action against people it will not be any big deal! Now for those of you who say that our military can’t be used against American’s….let me give you a brutal wake up call! That was revoked in the past two Adminstrations and has not since been changed! Are any of you aware that when a “National Emergency” is declared that the President can envoke executive powers to have control over everything up to and including making it where he could remain President forever!

Martial law is just a step away and the only reason you are not seeing any coverage from the media is to prevent a national breakdown of basic human needs and services!

Preparation is the key and extensive research into things that can and will protect you and your family! I would link to many of them in this post for you, however, I am on the road and using my iPhone to publish this! People just the other day I seen 50 motorcycles all with UN Police upon them near Memphis, TN! I have seen more and more movement of specialized military equipment being deployed and not going onto rail!

I am going to be traveling from the D.C. are to Iowa and if anyone has the location of Camp Fema if I am close enough I will stop and ask questions and try to acquire pictures! Things are moving into place for the final preparation for what is sure to become America’s darkest hour!

As always be kind a d leave your thought to this here on this post please!

It Doesn’t Take A Masters Degree

October 19, 2009

In a news release by the AP, there is questioning by Chairman Maobama (Obama) as to whether or not sending in additional troops would be a wise decision do the instability of the current ruling party in Afghanistan!

The AP (Associated Press) in a news article has indicated that Washington is going to delay sending in the additional troops being requested by the Commanding General for ground forces in Afghanistan due the instability of their current governing body being recognized by the locals!

The current thinking, if that is what you choose to call it, of our Adminstration is that NATO and our other allies will not be able to maintain there committed troops since the situation is very uncertain!

My thought on this very urgent situation is that by the United States failing to send in the additional troops will further destabilize the campaign as the Taliban will think they have the upper hand and will only increase the number of casualties that the U.S. and other forces are experiencing! This could have been quickly resolved by implementing additional forces as requested earlier than what has been done!

Does anyone else besides me remember the conflict between Russia and Afghanistan? The reason that Russia was sent home packing a loss was due to their inability to mass Afghan troops and if we do not immediately comply with the Field Commanding General we will have our troops placed into a broader path of harm aimed at them!

It does not take a Master’s Degree to see what the answer is and it certainly should not take but a second of thought to realize the correct answer is to send the additional troops and change the res of engagement and to end this with the same level of ferocity and committment we had when embarking into this effort!

This is no time to be playing the “Political Game” that is often experienced between the two parties and further increasing the risk of casualties as a rest of playing tit for tat!

America let your voice be heard and send a resounding statement to our leaders to commit to protecting and ensuring the safety of our young men and women currently serving in this war!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this! Please be sure to leave your comments below!