Elect Tony Hyatt 2010

As previously discussed in both our blogs and a couple of our pages, Tony has made his intention clear that he desires to run for a seat in the State of Arkansas!  We realize that we have our tasks cut out for us, however, with the enduring support of our wonderful friend’s, family and the community we are hoping to make this  a reality

First and foremost Tony believes in The Constitution of The United States and all that it stands for and brings to the American People.

Tony is a true Reagan Conservative who believes in limited government, reduction in taxes for the working class and the right and liberty for all American’s to pursue what the Constitution was intended for and that is the right to pursue life, liberty and the American dream!

With our current Administration trying to push everything from socialized health care to taxes to a level never heard of before in American history, Tony wants to be a part of the process to repeal this national disaster.  Tony wants the opportunity of taking the American people’s voice back into government and not that of his own!  That in my opinions is one of the biggest issues within our government and that is people initiate programs based on their own life and not of those they represent.

How many times have you had the opportunity to speak with your Representative of your State?  I don’t want to be one of those invisible types that you can never reach or that will not take myself out into the communities of which I represent.  With the past Tea Parties that have been conducted is what has given me all the fuel that I need along with the existing governing party that we have.  In watching the Town Hall meeting’s has, also, fueled the fire and given me the desire to become a person who will sit and listen to my constituents.  That is an overlying issue.  Too many of our Representatives are only interested in talking…..that is a major issue for me…..rather than talking how about taking time to listen and work together to develop ideas that come from the people and then turn them into legislature.

As you can see we have our work cut out for us, however, we have a plan of attack and we already know what our opposition is up to.  Stand with us in supporting Tony Hyatt in his current bid for the 2010 elections.  We will keep you updated along the way!  God bless each and every one of you!

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