A Gutless Wonder

October 22, 2009

How ironic is it that our Dear Leader Chairman Maobama is on this insatiable attack against media entities that can and have sounded off about his socialist agenda for what it is!

I listened to one of the finest conservative talk show host all but beg Obama to appear o his show but sadly enough our week kneed yellow belly President doesn’t have the testicular fortitude that is required to present his case! Oh he had no problem appearing on every network that supports him several Sunday’s ago with the exception of Fox News or Sean Hannity’s show! How sad is that?

Mark Levin offered Obama three hours of his show and couldn’t even draw a response from him! He can sit and accuse various entities of so-called verbal bashing! What the real issue at hand is he can’t win a fight! His sorry Chicago thug style politics and socialist regime can’t stand the heat! As the old saying goes if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

You know as I travel around the country I am utterly amazed at just how many people do not have a God-given clue what is happening or fixing to happen and act as though this is all a hoax with no real credibility behind it! I feel sorry for their families and hope that the reality of this sends them a wake up call before it is too late!

I can’t begin to think how a Vietnam Vet or a Vet from any other campaign is feeling right now! Talk about the ultimate form of betrayal and it is coming straight down the toilet pipes from the White House! To think of the thousands of individuals who fought and died for our liberties and freedoms will be haunted by an Administration that was pulled straight from the very depths of Hell!

Such a shame to have to watch our once great Nation dwindle away to what it is becoming an at a rate that almost seems blinding!

Tell me you thoughts and opinions!

Invasion From Within

October 21, 2009

I guess my last post was not able to clear the wonderful trees of The Great Smoky Mountains, so I will attempt this once again!

For years many of us have heard ministers tell stories of the “End Times” and what could be expected! Although, I have a strong belief I Jesus I was almost certain that the forthcoming events would not take place until my layer years! I know by reading the vast amount of posts and various talk shows that there are those who fear that we will experience the UN sending in troops to help keep peace once NWO is institutionalized in America! The sad part is that the very people we need protection from are in D.C.!

I, personally, consider is a slap in the face to think I any many other great American’s wore a uniform to help prevent the very thing Obama and his Communist cronies are ushering in with the passing of each and every day! Dear Leader Chairman Maobama is set to sign the “Global Warming Treaty” that will be the opening door for New World Order to be established! For years I have listened to some of the greatest teachers of Prophecy from the Bible and now they indicate that there are only four items remaining left to usher in the introduction of the anti Christ!

If Dear Leader signs the treaty The United States will cease to exist and then we will be left to a new global leader to determine our fate! Many of us have only heard stories of this sort of mass de-humanizing and that was during Mao Sung and Adolph Hitler! People I have seen prefabricated wooden caskets produced by the thousands at various locations around the Country.

I stopped at one of these locations to inquire about these and was told that they were given instructions from the Government to mass produce these at several locations around the Country!

If they can’t manage the postal service, social security, Medicaid and Medicare how do thy think they can afford to bury us! So what does that mean, well it means that there could potentially be large areas of dead bodies left to rot and be treated the way the Vietcong were during that campaign!

I know this sounds extremely scary, however, the facts are what they are and we are with the passing of each and every day approaching armegedon! I personally feel that there will be Christians left that will have to endure a portion of this until the complete rapture of the church! People I would start today to cleanse your life and start to make emergency preparations for your family in the event of a media’s blackout and we lose the ability to communicate with one another! I will be releasing some plans and ideas when I am home and have access to my laptop to better provide you with links to a variety of things that I feel will be helpful in each of your preparations!

A House Full Of Crybabies

October 20, 2009

As many of you know, the White House is attacking Fox News as not being credible in their reporting of News and especially attacking Hannity with both barrels!

Isn’t amazing how the current Administration attacks anyone or anything that exposes their marxists theories? Now there are reports that Dear Leader wants to offer the News Papers some of his popular stimulus money! It is only because this is an effort to control what goes into print. There is, also, a proposed effort for the FCC to make a proposition for the President to have control of it! They claim that this would be only in case of a National Emergency in case of a cyber attack, however, we all know where this is heading and that is to have full control of all the media outlets!

When will the madness stop and does anyone else besides me see the underlying set of plans that are being instituted?

This so-called Administration is making a mockery of both the people of the United States and The Constitution! Are there any Governor’s who are ready to invoke the 10th Amendment? If the treaty is signed in December I would encourage each of you to contact your Governor and ask this question!

Michelle Obama, No South Carolina Visit

October 20, 2009

I read that Michelle Obama declined a visit to her Alma Mater due to fears of potential attacks from white hoods! This is a perfect example of how the current Administration is laying down boundaries around our Country and causing e en further separation of the American people and playing the race card!

When will he liberal left media stop with the race baiting and grow up? It is a sad day when even the “African-American President” hasn’t figured out that racism does not exist in this Country and if it did does he think he would be residing at where he currently does?

I find it simply amazing that the only time the racial issue is even discussed is when they realize they have no valid talking points or that they have been defeated and that is the only item they have at their immediate disposal is the race card, which absolutely makes me sick!

To be racially correct and statistically speaking I believe it is the Caucasian people who are now the minority or do you libs not get out into your community much?

The absence of Michelle Obama is in fact sparked in part by earlier remarks by Congressman Joe Wilson with the very famous “You Lie” comment made speech given by Dear Leader during the joint House committee meeting and by remarks made by Jim DeMint of South Carolina and has since recanted and made correct!

Now the White House is on a vigilant attack of Fox News Saying that there news reports have no meaningful content and that they are not credible! It is my personal opinion that Fox News is the only ones that provide a balanced outlook into the news that affects the vast majority of American people and offers to take a look from both points of view!

The one thing that has become obvious by the White House and their Communist Press Core and that is they only attack those that are communicating the truth and pose a real threat of exposing them for what they really are and that is Communist Fascists!

The closer we move to a One World Order the more they puke this garbage out of their mouths and to public television and printed Communist Newspapers that support their fascists ideas!

Things are getting close to the end and we must stand fast in our efforts to protect ourselves and the ones we love! What once was thought to be a fairy tale from the Bible is quickly coming into prophetic trues! I know that I Personally started to warn people of this when Obama first came onto the campaign scene.

Pre election I was told that I did not know what I was talking about and now people are flocking with their remarks about they wished they had listened! People I am not looking for pats on the back nor fame but what I am looking for is People to wake up and smell the coffee and to take steps to put a halt to this madness!

A World Of Uncertainy

October 20, 2009

Our world as we know it is forever changing! With the passing of every hour we as a nation are becoming ever closer to becoming a Socialist nation! What used to be things we merely offered up as warnings that we casually used at local Christian institutions as a method to warn people of looming possibilities!

Now rather than being warnings these very items are becoming realities one item at a time! I will be the first to admit that I used to say to myself that I knew these things were coming but at the same time I thought that it would be by far way later in my life before I began to see them actually come to pass! It is not that I am scared, however, the level of urgency to get people to wake up to what is coming in the very near future is becoming a top priority for me! People all you have to do is to look around you and see for yourself what I am saying is coming into perdition!

What bothers me is how much is it going to take to actually wake the American people up! People I can’t stress this enough, the time is now to get your life correct spiritually as well as those who are around you! We need to start to creating small pods of people sort of like small communities in essence where each is responsible to perform certain tasks! Also, we need to be looking into ways to be able to communicate as the Feds are looking into ways to cut our methods of effective communication such as the Internet and other items! My suggestion is that each of these pods that I suggested earlier have one or two people who are responsible for communications between the units! My chosen method is going to be via Ham Radio operations!

I encourage each of you to look into that! We are, also, going to need to develope our own infrastructure to support such things as food processing! I know there will be those out there who thinks this all sounds futuristic, however, these things I have been warning you about are coming to pass and we only have several months at best before we see some drastic changes globally! The time is now to act and start planning!

It Doesn’t Take A Masters Degree

October 19, 2009

In a news release by the AP, there is questioning by Chairman Maobama (Obama) as to whether or not sending in additional troops would be a wise decision do the instability of the current ruling party in Afghanistan!

The AP (Associated Press) in a news article has indicated that Washington is going to delay sending in the additional troops being requested by the Commanding General for ground forces in Afghanistan due the instability of their current governing body being recognized by the locals!

The current thinking, if that is what you choose to call it, of our Adminstration is that NATO and our other allies will not be able to maintain there committed troops since the situation is very uncertain!

My thought on this very urgent situation is that by the United States failing to send in the additional troops will further destabilize the campaign as the Taliban will think they have the upper hand and will only increase the number of casualties that the U.S. and other forces are experiencing! This could have been quickly resolved by implementing additional forces as requested earlier than what has been done!

Does anyone else besides me remember the conflict between Russia and Afghanistan? The reason that Russia was sent home packing a loss was due to their inability to mass Afghan troops and if we do not immediately comply with the Field Commanding General we will have our troops placed into a broader path of harm aimed at them!

It does not take a Master’s Degree to see what the answer is and it certainly should not take but a second of thought to realize the correct answer is to send the additional troops and change the res of engagement and to end this with the same level of ferocity and committment we had when embarking into this effort!

This is no time to be playing the “Political Game” that is often experienced between the two parties and further increasing the risk of casualties as a rest of playing tit for tat!

America let your voice be heard and send a resounding statement to our leaders to commit to protecting and ensuring the safety of our young men and women currently serving in this war!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this! Please be sure to leave your comments below!

An Interesting Thought

October 18, 2009

Good morning to each and every one of you this wonderful Sunday morning! As I sit here and begin to prepare myself for today’s work, I have been tossing some questions and thought around in my head that consumed me during my sleep last night.

With the current state that America finds itself in as we speak, could it not be that quite possibly that everything that American’s are enduring and will be facing down the road a direct response of our nation turning away from God?

Stop and think about this, when we allowed prayers to be removed from our schools and replaced with teaching of alternative lifestyles, taking the sacristy of marriage and replace it with sodomy and idolize people and worldly things more than we take time to even speak the name of Jesus that these are but a few things that is causing America to fall from the loving grace of God?

When America and the leadership that runs her awakens to the theory that these and other issues in part is what is going to destroy America! Take the time to find an older person that has been alive for 70 years or more and ask them what it was that kept this country going and I guarantee you that probably 9 out of 10 times you are going to hear because our nation had a strong Christian background and for the most part a Government that conceded with them!

Now we are faced with homosexuality as “Socially Acceptable” and same-sex marriages becoming more of the norm and not the minority! Can you see the developing pattern? Let us now throw in legalized abortions, killing in public schools and a President who will not stand behind our troops fighting abroad to provide them with the overwhelmingly effective levels of supplies and materials to achieve the objective they set out upon! How can America even find the courage to ask for God’s intervention when all we have done as a nation is to spit in his face and pursue our own selfish ways!

America is being humbled and if we do not remember the fundamental principles this country was founded upon then America will be brought down to her knees and we have been placed into a position to prevent this from happening!

What will you do to start to revive America and have we passed the point of no return?

God, Please Intervene and Have Mercy

October 18, 2009

In the world we presently live in, we all should collectively unite as a Nation and a sovereign people and plead for God’s divine intervention!

There is so much at stake now and we are looking at forever loosing what once was the land of the free and the home of the brave! Has America lost her way along the journey? Is what our Country is experiencing a direct result of our indulgent lifestyles and selfishness? These are some hard hitting questions that we are going to be taking a closer look at in the days to come! America has a great deal at stake as do the people who live within her confined shores! What once used to be a place of refuge for people looking to escape from oppressed countries is now starting to take on the image of the very places that so many have fled from in years past!

Let me ask you this, is this truly the country you had envisioned for yourself, your children and grandchildren? What once a very strong and powerful nation is being slowly torn apart one sector at a time and by the very people whom were elected!

Our Government was established to serve in the best interest of the people it represents, however, with the passing of each day it is more about being self-serving of the officials who run it! Our Nation and the people who run it is spiraling out of control! America it is time to put a stop to the madness and take the appropriate steps needed to prevent our Country from becoming a socialist republic like that of those we have spent so many years trying to protect ourselves from! The time is NOW to make your voices heard! God be with us and spare us from the evil that is within from consuming what you intended it to be!

The Tony Hyatt Show

October 18, 2009

Tony & Laura Hyatt We want to “Welcome” each and every one of you to “The Tony Hyatt Show”.   Tony has been writing political rants and reviews for over 6 years now and has turned his inner beast loose with the release of this new site!  Since our beloved host is on the road most of the time he usually produces and post his writings directly from the comfort of his iPhone!  So from time to time you will see things that may be misspelled or look a little bizarre!  None the less, Tony is always on the prowl of sniffing out the cowards that hide behind closed doors in Washington and around the World!

Occasionally Tony does his own live call in talk show, which is hosted on BlogTalk Radio.  Some of you may have found this site via his location on FaceBook so when he is getting ready to host another live show you will see the updates on there or you can go directly to his Talk Show’s Page Here.

Some of you may or may not know that Tony has given his desired indication to run for a seat in Arkansas and we are going to do all we can to make sure he has the full support of the producer of this show as well as hopefully all our wonderful new friends around the Internet and the Country!

Tony will be releasing a page on here that will give a basic rundown of what he wants to accomplish in Government and how he wants to bring people back into Government and let your voices be heard!  You can rest assured of one thing and that is Tony is not shy and will take your voice straight to the top!  We look forward to releasing many more blog posts and hope you enjoy reading them!  In order to help us provide you with more useful information and to assist us in knowing if you enjoy what we are doing, please be so kind to leave comments on the things you read.

We are living in trying times and we are going to join forces with you….people who matter and people we want to help make your points and voices heard!  We want each of you to enjoy the blessings of Jesus Christ and just know that we are right here along with you!  You are not in this alone!