Another Hidden Secret

October 22, 2009

I had heard several days ago about someone who had been accused of spying and sharing secret’s involving NASA.  I now wonder if the secret they were talking about was possibly the X-37B unmanned space plane!  You would certainly think that a plane such as this would make major news around the United States and the rest of the world!  However, they were able to mums the word until recently!

X-37B Unmanned Space PlaneSimply amazing what your Government can keep from you until they feel the time is right!  After listening to Obama himself indicate that there was a limited budget for NASA you would certainly think that this recent release would not be a remote possibility.

There are some very interesting questions that I have for the recent release and that is exactly what are they intending to use if for!  Based on information released on Fox News and NASA the new craft could possibly be used for deployment of test equipment and satellites.  NASA has indicated that it has had a long history with this particular craft!  I have to wonder exactly how many people really new about this new venture from them?

With recent developments in our Government and the potential passing of the Global Warming Treaty really has me wondering if they are not planning to utilize this craft to launch new communication equipment which could potentially be used as a tracking device.  You may be asking where am I going with this!  It is simple.  If a one world government is implemented and tracking devices are installed into human beings, what a better way to set up the necessary equipment to put it all into action.  I realize that some may say that seems a bit far-fetched, however, stop and think about the possibilities that exist and with current events is it really that far off?

Although I am quite interested in the photo’s of the unit itself I have to admit that I am beside myself in anger to know that our Government can keep something this large from the American populous.  What else is our Government hiding from us!  I guess we will have to sit back and wait for the next surprise.

Any more there is nothing that I can say that truly surprises me from this Administration.  It is going to get very interesting in the next several months and we as a Nation and a people  that have so much to lose.  The time is now and be alert for things that seem out of the ordinary!  However, I have to caution each of you that with the ability of this Administration to keep things hidden or try to make them appear as something else what bothers me is what they can produce and slide into our world and lives without any of us knowing?

You can rest assured of one thing we will certainly stay on top of it!  What is your thought on this?  We would certainly love to hear from each of you!