The Tony Hyatt Show

October 18, 2009

Tony & Laura Hyatt We want to “Welcome” each and every one of you to “The Tony Hyatt Show”.   Tony has been writing political rants and reviews for over 6 years now and has turned his inner beast loose with the release of this new site!  Since our beloved host is on the road most of the time he usually produces and post his writings directly from the comfort of his iPhone!  So from time to time you will see things that may be misspelled or look a little bizarre!  None the less, Tony is always on the prowl of sniffing out the cowards that hide behind closed doors in Washington and around the World!

Occasionally Tony does his own live call in talk show, which is hosted on BlogTalk Radio.  Some of you may have found this site via his location on FaceBook so when he is getting ready to host another live show you will see the updates on there or you can go directly to his Talk Show’s Page Here.

Some of you may or may not know that Tony has given his desired indication to run for a seat in Arkansas and we are going to do all we can to make sure he has the full support of the producer of this show as well as hopefully all our wonderful new friends around the Internet and the Country!

Tony will be releasing a page on here that will give a basic rundown of what he wants to accomplish in Government and how he wants to bring people back into Government and let your voices be heard!  You can rest assured of one thing and that is Tony is not shy and will take your voice straight to the top!  We look forward to releasing many more blog posts and hope you enjoy reading them!  In order to help us provide you with more useful information and to assist us in knowing if you enjoy what we are doing, please be so kind to leave comments on the things you read.

We are living in trying times and we are going to join forces with you….people who matter and people we want to help make your points and voices heard!  We want each of you to enjoy the blessings of Jesus Christ and just know that we are right here along with you!  You are not in this alone!