America, Under Attack From Within

October 26, 2009

After spending a great deal of time reading articles, investigating the validity and credability of the content of them I have come to a conclusion that America is one step closer to being no more! What we are witnessing as we speak is nothing short of a soft tyranny taking place right from within the Administration the currently holds the office of President! An interesting article I read is suggesting that most U.S. Marines coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq are being placed into jobs as local police officers!

So you are asking yourself what is wrong with that? Simple, they are already hardened to the brutalities of war so when asked to take a military action against people it will not be any big deal! Now for those of you who say that our military can’t be used against American’s….let me give you a brutal wake up call! That was revoked in the past two Adminstrations and has not since been changed! Are any of you aware that when a “National Emergency” is declared that the President can envoke executive powers to have control over everything up to and including making it where he could remain President forever!

Martial law is just a step away and the only reason you are not seeing any coverage from the media is to prevent a national breakdown of basic human needs and services!

Preparation is the key and extensive research into things that can and will protect you and your family! I would link to many of them in this post for you, however, I am on the road and using my iPhone to publish this! People just the other day I seen 50 motorcycles all with UN Police upon them near Memphis, TN! I have seen more and more movement of specialized military equipment being deployed and not going onto rail!

I am going to be traveling from the D.C. are to Iowa and if anyone has the location of Camp Fema if I am close enough I will stop and ask questions and try to acquire pictures! Things are moving into place for the final preparation for what is sure to become America’s darkest hour!

As always be kind a d leave your thought to this here on this post please!

Alarming News, America Under Attack

October 23, 2009

Tattered-flagAs we continue our reports and investigations into the terror that is coming to America, we want to urge each and every one of you to take heed into the information that we are going to be providing to you!

America is under attack!  You may say that you have heard no sirens, no warnings on the news and all is clear.  However, as I sit here writing this post FEMA along with government officials are preparing a civilian unit that will be utilized to control you and your family!  If you do not submit to them… is simple… will be killed.  What side will you stand upon?  Camp Fema is a wonderful site to visit where you can learn exactly where our country is heading and how soon you can expect to see these things come to pass!  As I have stated before, I know that some of the information that is being revealed to you is somewhat alarming and quite shocking to both read and write.  However, we must present this in order to make the intentions of the Federal Government clear and to provide American’s everywhere with credible and useful information they can obtain to learn how they can protect themselves from being overtaken by our current Administration and their socialist agenda.

martial lawIs this an image you think is overbearing?  The very sad part of it is this is exactly what we are all going to be faced with!  We must prepare to organize units around America who are willing to take a stand against this socialist regime and to protect and defend America!

People our current military in their oath has specific orders that they are not to turn their weapons upon American’s on their own soil in order to protect and defend it.  So what that means is that our government must develop and deploy their own militia in order to take control over the people.  That is where these FEMA training camps come into play!

Who would have ever thought that the government would go so far to brainwash our youth in order to accomplish this.  However, if you go back in history and study what it was that Hitler done….you will see the same repeated pattern.  Just take a look at how Obama and his cronies are starting with the youngest of the youth in chanting how Obama is number one and the way they are being taught to salute.  Does of any of that look familiar to you?  It should!  America is being turned into the fourth Reich.  Some have asked why this is happening.  It is very simple, the American core value structure has been slowing taken away from us one step at a time.  Many well noted authors have made it clear and history is an indicator that it does repeat itself.

Why is this being allowed to happen in America?  Quite possibly because we have always been the world leader in many arenas.  I would like to interject my own personal opinion on this.  When we allowed prayer to be taken out of our public schools, legalized abortions and now passing laws to grant same-sex marriage don’t you see what is happening here?  This is America’s wake up call to take our country back to the founding fathers roots and what they intended it to be and it certainly was not anything that we live within in today’s times.

The video I am going to post below may seem futuristic and I know there will be some who will say that it won’t happen like that, however, I plead with you to rethink your opinion.  This is exactly what is coming and it is coming alarmingly fast!

Another Hidden Secret

October 22, 2009

I had heard several days ago about someone who had been accused of spying and sharing secret’s involving NASA.  I now wonder if the secret they were talking about was possibly the X-37B unmanned space plane!  You would certainly think that a plane such as this would make major news around the United States and the rest of the world!  However, they were able to mums the word until recently!

X-37B Unmanned Space PlaneSimply amazing what your Government can keep from you until they feel the time is right!  After listening to Obama himself indicate that there was a limited budget for NASA you would certainly think that this recent release would not be a remote possibility.

There are some very interesting questions that I have for the recent release and that is exactly what are they intending to use if for!  Based on information released on Fox News and NASA the new craft could possibly be used for deployment of test equipment and satellites.  NASA has indicated that it has had a long history with this particular craft!  I have to wonder exactly how many people really new about this new venture from them?

With recent developments in our Government and the potential passing of the Global Warming Treaty really has me wondering if they are not planning to utilize this craft to launch new communication equipment which could potentially be used as a tracking device.  You may be asking where am I going with this!  It is simple.  If a one world government is implemented and tracking devices are installed into human beings, what a better way to set up the necessary equipment to put it all into action.  I realize that some may say that seems a bit far-fetched, however, stop and think about the possibilities that exist and with current events is it really that far off?

Although I am quite interested in the photo’s of the unit itself I have to admit that I am beside myself in anger to know that our Government can keep something this large from the American populous.  What else is our Government hiding from us!  I guess we will have to sit back and wait for the next surprise.

Any more there is nothing that I can say that truly surprises me from this Administration.  It is going to get very interesting in the next several months and we as a Nation and a people  that have so much to lose.  The time is now and be alert for things that seem out of the ordinary!  However, I have to caution each of you that with the ability of this Administration to keep things hidden or try to make them appear as something else what bothers me is what they can produce and slide into our world and lives without any of us knowing?

You can rest assured of one thing we will certainly stay on top of it!  What is your thought on this?  We would certainly love to hear from each of you!

A World Of Uncertainy

October 20, 2009

Our world as we know it is forever changing! With the passing of every hour we as a nation are becoming ever closer to becoming a Socialist nation! What used to be things we merely offered up as warnings that we casually used at local Christian institutions as a method to warn people of looming possibilities!

Now rather than being warnings these very items are becoming realities one item at a time! I will be the first to admit that I used to say to myself that I knew these things were coming but at the same time I thought that it would be by far way later in my life before I began to see them actually come to pass! It is not that I am scared, however, the level of urgency to get people to wake up to what is coming in the very near future is becoming a top priority for me! People all you have to do is to look around you and see for yourself what I am saying is coming into perdition!

What bothers me is how much is it going to take to actually wake the American people up! People I can’t stress this enough, the time is now to get your life correct spiritually as well as those who are around you! We need to start to creating small pods of people sort of like small communities in essence where each is responsible to perform certain tasks! Also, we need to be looking into ways to be able to communicate as the Feds are looking into ways to cut our methods of effective communication such as the Internet and other items! My suggestion is that each of these pods that I suggested earlier have one or two people who are responsible for communications between the units! My chosen method is going to be via Ham Radio operations!

I encourage each of you to look into that! We are, also, going to need to develope our own infrastructure to support such things as food processing! I know there will be those out there who thinks this all sounds futuristic, however, these things I have been warning you about are coming to pass and we only have several months at best before we see some drastic changes globally! The time is now to act and start planning!