Homeland Security

October 23, 2009

While reviewing some critical information this morning I was truly awakened to some of the fears that more than alarming!  As someone who has served my country in its defense to protect and provide freedom I am now being awakened to what our current Administration is up to!  Many years ago while writing my political rants on other blogging sites I use to try to warn people of the looming dangers that lay ahead for this great nation.  Of course I was greeted by what could be defined as nothing more than mockery and an attempt to discredit me and my writings.

After having taken the time to watch a very chilling video that is located on YouTube it came to me like a revelation that my previous thoughts were right on and that America is in grave danger!  I want to encourage each of you to watch the video below and tell me your thoughts.

Many of us have know for some time that the very likes of the above video you just watched are being put together at this very moment even as you read this!  People as I wrote in a previous post it is time for everyone to begin to make preparations for their family and to develop new ways to be able to communicate amongst those who are going to take a stand against the action that the government is implementing.

Quite possibly this will even go to substantiate the White House attack onto Fox News and those who choose to associate themselves with them or any affiliation with them.  The current Administration is taking mass attempts to stifle those who are making this information known the general public and goes along with a previous writing of mine regarding what the FCC is attempting to do in regards to control of the Internet.

Little by little the government is looking for ways to silence anyone who has knowledge of this and put gag orders onto them.  Look at what happened in the past to a large insurance group who told elderly American citizens that the implementation of Universal Health Care would be a significant loss to their insurance coverage.  They immediately put into effect a gag order causing them to halt their current press releases or face severe consequences.  This is just a beginning of things you are going to see as the time comes closer to the government instilling Martial Law onto the citizens of The United States.

femamapsWhat you see on the left is a map of the U.S. and location of all FEMA camps that are located within.  You may be asking yourself why this is so important.  I will be glad to give you a full explanation of that.  If you recall in an earlier post I had indicated about a location I had found that has tens of thousands of what items located on its property that could be used as make shift caskets.  I will put the video down below for you to view and make up your own mind!  Based on my own questioning when I seen it, I was told the same thing the gentleman in the video was.  This is very alarming!  People we need to start banding together.  I located a very unique site that some of you may be interested in checking into.  The name of the site is Restore The Republic and I encourage each of you to check them out and see what part you can take in helping to defend our country.

Time is of the essence and we do not have much of it left before we start to see the things emerge that I have shared within these videos.  I know they are alarming and can be somewhat shocking, however, even as it is written in The Bible about God’s people dying for a lack of knowledge…..so shall it be for American’s who do not take heed to this WARNING.  God bless each and every one of you!