Less Taxes= More Revenue= Common Sense

October 24, 2009

Well let’s talk about how to reduce the Federal Deficit and get the American people spending money and reinvesting in America! The Feds and our current Administration seem to be suffering from economic common sense or should I say the lacking thereof! You sometimes we must stop and take a closer look at past models od economic growth and learn from what seemed to work the best! Let’s remember the Reagan years! Reagan had the knowledge and desire to allow the American people to have more of their money and to grow the economy! How did he do it? Simple he reduced peoples tax rates and the economy flourished!

What I struggle with besides their whole socialistic agenda is their overwhelming lack of common sense! I guess they have not heard the old saying of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. They allowed the Bush tax reduction to expire, yet they are not going to call it a tax increase! Can we see some issues here! Just because you didn’t actually raise the tax but allowed a tax break to expire certainly indicates a tax increase to me! So you are asking what am I driving at and how do I propose to achieve this? It is so simple even a fifth grader would be able to work this problem out! First, how about allowing our oil companies to drill for oil? Exxon alone last year paid more in taxes than over half of the middle income tax paying citizens! Can you imagine how much more tax revenue would be collected if we allowed them to start tapping into Anoir or processing the oil rich shell say in Colorado! Not only would this generate billions of dollars in tax revenue but it would, also, create jobs thus generating even more tax revenue without having to raise the first person or companies taxes!

Now I am fully aware that my suggested plan will make the liberal tree hugging party go up in smoke but going green has not produced any jobs other than the ones Al Gore and his loonballs are holding! Hasn’t the rest of the world heard????? There is no global warming crisis! It is all a scam to get people where our current Administration wants them to justify their proposed “Cap & Trade” or as I prefer to refer to it “Cap & Destroy”!

I have always been in favor of abolishing the IRS and instituting a flat tax all over! One tax not 20, I mean take a look at any of your bills and they all have a federal tax included somewhere! Since when did utility companies, wireless carriers, cable companies and so on and so forth become tax collectors for the Federal Government and who gave them that power?

Let’s just use 5% as an example! Imagine only paying a 5% tax on any good(s) or service provided, can you see how much more money would go back into your pocket thus enhancing your spending and when you spend more creates more revenue! Not only would it generate more tax revenue, it would significantly enhance our weak job market
thus creating more jobs and of course the multiplying factor would take affect! I think it is a no brained and fairly simple, so why is what is supposed to be the most educated man with his Ivy League Education not able to fiugure out! That is a fairly simple question to answer and that is because it takes away from people to be dependant upon the Federal Government and thus minimizing their control over the people! Next election ask you candidates where they stand on taxes or even abolishing the IRS and creating a flat tax! I think you will be amazed and more than likely will only find this in a true Reagan Conservative, thus making your electoral process easier!

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