Fight or Get Out, Save Our Troops

October 28, 2009

For some time I have been a staunch supporter of our efforts in Afghanistan while we were under imminent threats from terrorist attacks from groups that reside within it!

After having read the release of the Commanding Officer’s report on the request for additional troops and made up my mind firmly that we need to bring the troops home and stop the madness!

My point is simple and easy to understand! If there was a clear and present danger that existed in Afghanistan then I would in favor of it! However, with the current “Rules of Engagement” have changed in ways that put our troops lives at risk with no specific agenda from a strategic standpoint then why must we continue to allow the bloodshed of our troops! It is like sending them in knowing that they will be needlessly murdered at the hands of those who have
ade it known that they no longer desire our presence there! The commander’s request for additional troops will cover a period of another decade and are you as American’s prepared to watch this continue! If we need to send additional forces in to assist in protecting our current ground forces that is fine, however, get them out and let them fight or we are going to experience another Vietnam!

I had the opportunity to visit with a returning Marine at great length and he agreed to share his thoughts with me! What this young man shared with me was absolutely un-nerving and provided me with a much clearer perspective on this waste of time in Afghanistan!

He indicated to me that he and many of the troops that are still in Afghanistan can’t provide a clear thought nor sense of purpose to maintain forces there any longer! It is not like we are on a mission to take Bin Laden out or storm the region with the same ferocity that was experienced in Iraq!

We are killing our troops needlessly and for no justifiable reason! He further went on to remark about a statement that Condeleeza Rice had made about if we wanted another 911 then abandon Afganista ! Both myself and this young
an felt that we could better protect our Country from the soil of the United States and probably would be better off to do so!

Also, let’s not forget what this continuance is costing in American lives but the economical one that is there as well! Just to supply the ground forces for the Marines is costing 320,000,000 million per day! How much longer can our Country continue this? There is not a nation that exist who can financially sustain that sort of debt! I realize what the debt clause provides for in regards to war, however, this has not been a declared war and if it was then Congress would have the power to stop it and bring our troops home!

Tell us your thoughts on this! We would love to bear from each of you!

It Doesn’t Take A Masters Degree

October 19, 2009

In a news release by the AP, there is questioning by Chairman Maobama (Obama) as to whether or not sending in additional troops would be a wise decision do the instability of the current ruling party in Afghanistan!

The AP (Associated Press) in a news article has indicated that Washington is going to delay sending in the additional troops being requested by the Commanding General for ground forces in Afghanistan due the instability of their current governing body being recognized by the locals!

The current thinking, if that is what you choose to call it, of our Adminstration is that NATO and our other allies will not be able to maintain there committed troops since the situation is very uncertain!

My thought on this very urgent situation is that by the United States failing to send in the additional troops will further destabilize the campaign as the Taliban will think they have the upper hand and will only increase the number of casualties that the U.S. and other forces are experiencing! This could have been quickly resolved by implementing additional forces as requested earlier than what has been done!

Does anyone else besides me remember the conflict between Russia and Afghanistan? The reason that Russia was sent home packing a loss was due to their inability to mass Afghan troops and if we do not immediately comply with the Field Commanding General we will have our troops placed into a broader path of harm aimed at them!

It does not take a Master’s Degree to see what the answer is and it certainly should not take but a second of thought to realize the correct answer is to send the additional troops and change the res of engagement and to end this with the same level of ferocity and committment we had when embarking into this effort!

This is no time to be playing the “Political Game” that is often experienced between the two parties and further increasing the risk of casualties as a rest of playing tit for tat!

America let your voice be heard and send a resounding statement to our leaders to commit to protecting and ensuring the safety of our young men and women currently serving in this war!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this! Please be sure to leave your comments below!