We want to take this time to give you a little more insight to Tony Hyatt.  Tony entered the blogging arena approximately 8 years ago and initially started writing blogs on Live Spaces and creating a large amount of both written and video tutorials for the community.  Occasionally, Tony would step off into the political arena and especially when Obama came onto the scene.  Tony has always had a great passion for America and defending the Constitution of The United States.

After realizing that the community that Tony was blogging in was more open to what he was doing there, they were not open to a vast amount of political talk.  He then realized that it was time to move on and hence the creation of this site.  Tony had tried other blogging services that he could both write on as well as share his live call in show and periodic podcast!

So here we are on Word Press and finally we feel we have landed where we can deliver all our material in once location without having to spend vast amounts of time going from one site to another.  This we believe with provide you with the greatest level of enjoyment for what Tony has to offer as well as give him more time to perform his show preparations and written materials.

As always we are always in the continual learning process of new technology and the ways that we can share our information with the masses!  So you will always want to check back on a continual basis for new materials released by Tony and his staff!  Of course we are just getting our start and only have a few people on board!  However, as we grow we will be looking for contributing writer’s and guest to appear on our live call in show!  So, if you think you have the talent for either please give us a shout out immediately and let Tony discuss with you how you can be a growing part of our show!

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