Tony’s Approach

Tony has always had his own unique way of delivering his thoughts to the general population!  We want to make you aware in advance that this is not your mother’s average talk show and Tony from time to time in his passion to communicate his point may occasionally have a slip of the tongue.  He does try to tame it and limit to only a few choice words!

Tony is a no frills sort of guy and isn’t looking for fame and glory and pats on the back!  What he is looking for is an audience that shares his passion and zest for protecting the Constitution and bringing America back to what many of us grew up knowing her as!  America is one of its toughest hours and it is up to each of us to collectively come together and join forces to make a strong and loud united voice heard within our Government!

Tony is not willing to sit by and watch the destruction of our Nation and believes that there are millions out there that share the same common thought!  So you ask what can you do?  It is simple, be sure to send all of your friend’s on over here to Tony’s site and share with him and each other collectively on what we can and should be doing to stop the madness that has occupied both sides of our Government!

I want to make one thing very clear…..we know that the Democrats are more than in left field, however, there are those who fall under the hidden cover of the Republican Party that need to be sought out and exposed as well!  It has been a long time thought of Tony that it would be an ideal time to institute a new party and call it the “People’s Conservative Party”.  Until we can get everyone who serves in an elected position to realize that if we don’t follow the Constitution then it probably isn’t legal to begin with!  That has been a great issue for many years now is that people want to bring their own thinking into law and now what the law actually is and allows.

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